Sofia Vivana & Vixen D. Fox Seattle Duos


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The concept of "having your cake and eating it too" perfectly fits this incredible super duo of providers. Currently, Sofia Vivana and her duo partner Vixen D. Fox are offering an exceptional experience right in their home base of Seattle, and it's something you wouldn't want to miss.

Twitter: @SofiaVivana
Twitter: @Vixen_D_Fox

Sofia Vivana breaks the mold of your average provider. While most providers are down-to-earth and sexy, Sofia stands out as an Amazonian beauty, a rarity in the hobby. You might have seen such figures in adult movies, where actresses are big enough to play around with their partners' bodies in various ways, but it's not something you hear about too often in this hobby. Sofia is that Amazon who will definitely have you on your toes, both figuratively and literally. Adding to her allure, Sofia is also a provider who dabbles in BDSM, offering an intriguing mix of experiences.

On the other hand, Vixen D. Fox is the opposite of Sofia in terms of physical stature, being a petite and alluring beauty. Despite her smaller frame, Vixen's sexual hunger matches, if not exceeds, Sofia's, creating a kinky and friendly environment that allows you to explore your desires while also exploring her body. There's much to be discovered in Vixen's body, making her an enticing choice for countless visits.

Both providers are based in Seattle, and while it's unclear if they intend to tour together, one can certainly hope for such an opportunity. The duo is offering their unforgettable experience at an unbelievable rate, including 30-minute sessions. However, it's wise to consider booking longer sessions to fully enjoy their companionship. The rates are as follows: $600 for 30 minutes, $1000 for an hour, $1400 for 90 minutes, and $1800 for 2 hours.

If you're in Seattle or able to visit, this super duo offers an enticing and unforgettable experience worth considering.