Jemma Jones Offering Hawaii HH Rates


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I did say that half hour rates are making a coming and look like Jemma Jones is proving that. Jemma still has a few tour dates left before the year is over and Hawaii will be her last December tour going into the New Year.

A former professional dancer at prestigious venues like Sapphire 60th in Manhattan and Sapphire Vegas, Jemma's charisma knows no bounds. With a penchant for travel, she embraces diverse cultures, connecting with people worldwide. Her sultry stripteases and private dances at the renowned clubs showcase her irresistible allure.

Jemma's commitment to fitness is evident in her toned physique, a result of rigorous Pilates and personal training. Her Floridian roots contribute to a perpetual sun-kissed glow, complementing her bright blonde hair. A positive and genuine spirit, she radiates warmth with the softest skin and an ever-present smile.

Beyond her physical attributes, Jemma values intellectual engagement and deep conversations. A perfect blend of submissive and adventurous, she thrives when a man takes control. Her positive outlook and genuine listening skills make her an ideal companion for a night on the town.

Jemma Jones will be in Hawaii from December 31st to January 9th. She'll first visit Oahu December 31st through to the 3rd of January. Then, Kauai January 3rd to the 6th. Finally, Kona January 6th up until the 9th.

Jemma's original hour rate is $1,200 and like some provider who cut their rate in half for HH sessions, she will not be doing so. I can only assume the rate will be just under $1,000.

I hope the Hawaiian clients enjoy themselves and make Jemma's stay worth one she'll repeat. For more information on Jemma be sure to check EA. Have fun Pervs!

X: @JemmaJoness