jemma jones

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    Elite Companions To Experience on Tour

    Ivy Ford Boston NOW-2/16 DC 2/20-2/23 Chicago 3/12-3/15 Philadelphia 3/19-3/22 Raleigh 3/26-3/29 New York 4/9-4/12 X: @IvyxFord Penelope West Baltimore 2/22 ONE DAY Raleigh 2/26-2/27 Richmond 2/28 ONE DAY X: @PenelopeWestDC Jemma Jones Tampa 2/15-2/17 Atlanta 2/19-2/21 Denver...
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    Spencer Scott & Jemma Stone Offering Duo

    Jemma Stone and Spencer Scott are set to host duos tomorrow, offering clients a unique and potentially memorable way to kick off the new year. While this isn't an uncommon arrangement for them, it presents an opportunity for clients to start their year on a positive note. Spencer Scott...
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    Jemma Jones Offering Hawaii HH Rates

    I did say that half hour rates are making a coming and look like Jemma Jones is proving that. Jemma still has a few tour dates left before the year is over and Hawaii will be her last December tour going into the New Year. A former professional dancer at prestigious venues like Sapphire 60th in...
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    Elite Companions to Experience on Tour

    Miss Naomi Boston 10/25-10/27 Waltham, MA 10/28-10/29 Hartford, CT 10/29-10/30 X: @MissNaomiNYC Jemma Jones Tampa area NOW-10/27 Albuquerque 11/1-11/2 San Diego 11/2-11/4 Los Angeles 11/4-11/8 San Francisco 11/9-11/10 San Jose 11/11-11/13 Denver 11/14-11/15 X: @JemmaJoness Morgan...
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    Jemma Jones & Veronica Fox Duos

    If I may reiterate, some providers are just so outstanding that they deserve multiple mentions, and Jemma Jones and Veronica Fox are undoubtedly among them. Mark your calendars because on July 29th, these incredibly alluring women will grace New York for one day only, hosting duos that you won't...
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    Jemma Jones Offering Duos in South Florida

    Let's take a moment to show some love to South Florida because, let's face it, it doesn't always get the attention it deserves in our little hobby. But hey, I've got some exciting news for you all! Guess who's making a pit stop in sunny South Florida? None other than the gorgeous Jemma Jones...