Elite Companion Q&A: Mistress Tonee


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9AC7EE8A-EE24-456F-B19F-7E69FBA95821.jpgHow long have you been a provider?

I have been in the industry for about 4 years now .

How did you become a provider?

I became a provider when I was interested in making more money and found a massage ad looking for providers, I figured I’m a great learner and found myself doing massages and a lot of fetish -style work. I was pretty underground .

Would you say Tonee is someone you have to put on when with a client or is she who you are?

I would say Tonee is who I am. I am her and she is me. I am a Gemini, so we are the twin sign. I have two sides and I believe Tonee is the other twin.

Being an AA client who’s seen a lot in this hobby, can you tell me what it’s like being a AA provider in the community?

I would say you deal with some people trying to challenge your worth , it’s a lot of discrimination on both ends . I do see reports on clients for simply being AA and it’s not right . I hope there is some changes in the future. I stand proudly as a AA woman staying clear in knowing my worth and not letting someone talk to me any kind of way , because of the nature of my work . I demand respect always .

What’s one of the biggest misconceptions you think clients have when deciding whether to book a provider?

I believe biggest misconception is that we all conduct sessions the same. I don’t offer and give everyone the same experience. I really like to analyze my client and our dynamic and shape session based on that. I am a strong believer in booking longer sessions to analyze your client and give best experience possible. I love what I do and I love that my clientele respects me .

What would you say to someone wanting to be dominated by you for the first time? Mainly, what does it consist of?

I would say my first sessions usually are Goddess Worship. I believe most of my clients want to take my energy in and worship me. They enjoy the sensual aspect of domination I embody. It usually consists of Goddess Worship, massaging me and allowing me to do what I see fit. I enjoy controlling orgasms.

What is your favorite sex position? Why?

I would say my favorite position is doggy -style, I have a round ass and I enjoy being thrusted from behind and choked .

One of the services you offer is Erotic Hypnosis. Could you breakdown what a session like that would be with you?

I offer hypnosis sessions based on analyzing client, whether it’s feminization, orgasm control , cuckold … I pretty much follow a structure where I get deep into a meditation state. I offer breathing, then getting a client comfortable on focusing on object or idea and get them slowly honing in on it. The client becomes zones out out and in a trance, sometimes they repeat sayings I send triggers to their brain .

What’s a part of your body clients can’t get enough of?8D47DF69-B9EA-4C88-90F1-E25772A4FFFF.jpg

I would say my eyes and my butt is what clients can’t get enough of. I believe they say I have very hypnotic eyes .

What do you think is the most sensual thing about you?

I would say my touch is very sensual and my voice. I would say that’s the thing that makes my sessions so sensual, I enjoy speaking and touching my clients with upmost care .

What do you do to make a client comfortable?

I always talk with my clients, I am a big jokester so I make them laugh and be myself. One thing people will know if you are faking with them. I make them feel comfortable, because I’m comfortable within myself. I do a lot of breathing and touches that make people very calm .

How do you feel dominating in public?

I feel powerful and very relaxed, because it’s pretty normal now compared to before.

What’s your breast size?

I am a 34DD

Is there a particular provider you enjoy Duos with?

I haven’t done a duo yet .

Do you plan on touring different cities this year? Possibly international.

Yes I am going to a few cities, you may check out my travel schedule. I am going to Paris .

What’s the best way to book you?

You may book at : [email protected]
Official Website:ToneeCompanion.com
X: @CompanionTonee