Elite Companion Bree Daniels Retiring in 4 Days


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At this point in my life, I've picked up quite a few lessons in the hobby, and the biggest one is to take a provider's retirement announcement with a grain of salt. When they say one thing, it might mean another, and whether the same goes for Bree Daniels is still up in the air.

On December 7th of last year, Bree dropped a bomb on social media, telling her fans and clients that she'd be hanging up her heels on January 31st. This was a shocker for many, considering Bree has had a full career as an elite provider.

Over the years, Bree has embraced her true self, whether through tattoos or other enhancements. Standing at 5'5" with natural-toned curves measuring a delightful 34-24-36, she's evolved into a wildly deviant demimonde. Bree effortlessly blends a laidback, easy-going vibe with a taste for kink, always seeking the next arousing adventure. As an alternative Hedonist, she captivates with sparkling eyes, a magnetic smile, and a hint of devilish charm that turns up the heat a bit.

For those who want to catch a glimpse of Bree before she calls it quits, you've got 5 days. I get it, short notice, but if you're really keen, you'll make it happen. Bree is based in Detroit, offering what's touted as the absolute best prices you could ever ask for. Have Fun Pervs!

X: @MeetBreeDaniels
Official site: MeetBreeDaniels.com

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