1. king-sama4u2nv

    Miss Hazel Moving to Tampa

    Though Tampa might not always get the spotlight, it boasts some of the best providers, both resident and touring. Now, you can add another name to that list: Miss Hazel, who will soon be calling Tampa home and is looking for regular clients. Hazel has made quite a name for herself in Texas...
  2. king-sama4u2nv

    Ellie Nova Texas Native No More

    The love Los Angeles gets almost on a daily basis is extraordinary. Without fail, it houses some of the sexiest women in the industry, and the numbers continue to grow every day; enter Ellie Nova. If you're in the hobby and you haven't heard about Ellie, then you've been under a rock. Ellie has...
  3. king-sama4u2nv

    VRod on Tour

    If Vrod is one thing, she's a provider that's constantly on the move. There isn't a time when you aren't seeing her on a plane or when she's in one city in the morning and another by mid-afternoon. Which is why if you catch her, you have to be on your toes unless she drops her tour dates, that...
  4. trystagency

    Welcome Ellie Nova to the Tryst family

    Ellie Nova has been on my "wanna get om Tryst list" for awhile. When she first started I reached out and she said "Not interested just yet" So I patiently waited. Then as her popularity grew you all took notice and asked about her. I said just wait...she's coming I have been telling her that...
  5. king-sama4u2nv

    BBW Duos and Trios Available

    As much as I love me a thick BBW, even I think this session wouldn't be for the weak. Stella Daniels, Chanel Barbie, and Ashley Garland will be offering Duos and Trios in the coming weeks, and the overload is real. If you've been following my "BBW Provider Watch" posts, then you already know...
  6. Administrator

    Escorts in Austin

    Austin, Texas is a vibrant city full of life and opportunity. It has a thriving music scene, bustling nightlife, and a variety of cultural attractions. It is also home to a burgeoning adult entertainment industry, with a number of escort services and forums catering to individuals seeking...