Miss Hazel Moving to Tampa


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GJKXA2FXEAATEWJ.jpgThough Tampa might not always get the spotlight, it boasts some of the best providers, both resident and touring. Now, you can add another name to that list: Miss Hazel, who will soon be calling Tampa home and is looking for regular clients.

Hazel has made quite a name for herself in Texas. When she’s not there, she’s often on tour, either dancing, providing, or both. At 28, Hazel has steadily built a reputation in the hobby, making a noticeable impact. However, this impact has been mixed, depending on whom you ask.

Despite Hazel's undeniable sex appeal, her service reviews in Texas have been polarized. Some clients rave about her ability to connect on a personal level, while others describe her sessions as mechanical, likely due to her strict adherence to covered service. This adherence, while professional and responsible, might not meet the expectations of every client. To each their own, but providers who do take their work serious tend to take the appropriate precautious.

Hazel’s undeniable allure often leads clients to overlook less favorable reviews, eager to see just how wild she can get. Her stunning appearance and captivating body speak volumes, but whether her rates and service quality match up is a personal judgment call.

There's no specific date yet for Hazel's move to Tampa. If you're in Texas and want to see her before she relocates, now is the time. She offers quick visits, half-hour, and hourly rates on her site, which are quite affordable.

If you have any reviews on Hazel be sure to drop them so we know what to expect. Have fun, Pervs!