1. king-sama4u2nv

    Same Ole' Scam

    I saw these pictures and was in some real disbelief. Not because of the pictures in the text, but because scammers are still pulling the same old dumbass scam. If you've been in the hobby long enough, then you know this scam. You reach out to one or more providers in a city through text or...
  2. K

    Anais Amore - AVOID AVOID AVOID

    Reached out to her via email a few months ago. She quoted me $2500 for the day. I also paid her an extra $100 for video call verification. We agreed to meet today. We met at the AMC in South Miami for a showing of Blue Beetle and had lunch at a Ramen restaurant afterwards. Her physique is mind...
  3. Administrator

    Eros Fishing Email

    I'm really surprised that providers fall for this fishing email. Not only is from email address wrong, but one can clearly see the bad link.
  4. king-sama4u2nv

    Online Scam in Toronto for Providers/Clients

    Earlier today I readied how a provider was scammed by a client with fake hundred dollar bills. This happened in Canada, so this won't really affect a lot of clients in EA but the provider did some snooping on the client finding something that may hurt others in the long run. The provider traced...
  5. Administrator


    This sub-forum is for possible scams by assholes pretending to be providers or using fake social media accounts. As always, check the 'EA-LIST' for valid provider email addresses before contacting a provider :) That being said, if you think an ad is a scam, post everything about it here, and let...