1. king-sama4u2nv

    Book Harley Dean Before You Can't

    It looks like Harley Dean my stepping away from the hobby soon enough. I've got to admit, I was genuinely happy when I saw that she was visiting New York last week, but I see that wasn't a work trip. A couple of days ago, Harley took to social media to let everyone know that she has chronic...
  2. king-sama4u2nv

    Pornstar Escort of the Week: Alison Rey

    If ever was a provider who's underrated in this hobby, it's Alison Rey. It's not unheard of for a PS to become a sensation at 18 years old, it happens more often then people think, but Alison was one of the best young actress in the mid 2010s for a reason. Which makes you think, how experience...
  3. king-sama4u2nv

    Ariana Starr and Tiffani Madison Hawaii Bound

    Hot Damn! I can't believe all this love Hawaii is getting this year. It seems like it's generally is becoming another hotspot for providers which is just great. With that said, Ariana Starr and Tiffani Madison are heading to paradise. This comes at a bit of a shock, since you'd expect one...
  4. king-sama4u2nv

    AIA New Starlet: Abby Somers

    AIA has been picking up a lot of talent lately. Just last week I wrote about the sexy Reyna Belle and today it's the fresh to the industry starlet Abby Somer. Born and raised in the heart of Ohio, Abby's journey took an unexpected turn when she found herself exploring the adult film industry...
  5. king-sama4u2nv

    Sara St Clair Not Touring For 2 Months

    I can't remember the last time I saw Sara St. Clair step away from touring at all. She's usually always on the go from one city to another, barely giving herself time to breathe, but somehow she made it work. Now, we are going to have two straight months of no Sara because she's going to be...
  6. king-sama4u2nv

    Pornstar Escort Weekly Tour Update March 3rd - 9th 2024

    Clara Trinity DC NOW-3/6 Kitana Montana Miami 3/4-3/8 New York 3/8-3/12 Savannah Storm Los Angeles NOW-3/7 Kiki Klout New York NOW-3/13 Lana Sharapova Chicago NOW-3/5 New York 3/7 ONE DAY DC 3/8 ONE DAY Eve Marlowe New York 3/4-3/7 Venus Vixen Los Angeles NOW-3/5 San Francisco 3/6-3/8...
  7. king-sama4u2nv

    Athena Anderson Officially Retires from Mainstream

    Didn't expect to be writing this so soon. Your favorite girl next door, Athena Anderson, has officially retired from shooting any mainstream adult scenes and won't be shooting porn anymore. Athena started in the industry in early 2022 at 29 years old. Her first scene, like most PS who start...
  8. martymcfly1955

    Emma Magnolia in NYC

    Can anyone tell me if Emma is escorting. She’s the sexest red head I’ve ever seen and if she’s coming to NYC I want to know for sure.
  9. king-sama4u2nv

    Jordan Maxx Relocating to Los Angeles

    Welp! We all knew it was coming at some point and it look like it'll be coming faster the we though. The Jordan max will be moving to sunny Los Angeles very soon and no doubt Minneapolis will miss her. If you've readied the Q&A myself and Jordan had, then this shouldn't come as to much as a...
  10. martymcfly1955

    Sheena Ryder Valid

    Sheena is escorting in Vegas and I’d like to know if this is her or not. The email looks familiar but the number doesn’t seem right. Maybe she can come to NYC. Help please
  11. king-sama4u2nv

    Porsha Carrera Touring Canada

    It isn't often a PS provider visits Canada, unless they're from their of course. Thought when one does make an appearance up north it's something that should be brought to the attention for our like minded comrades. Which is why I'm making sure Canada knows Porscha Carrera is making a stop this...
  12. king-sama4u2nv

    Virgo Peridot Back on Eros?

    If there ever was a name for a provider appearing in and out of this hobby, Virgo Peridot would be called it. With a name that was once very popular in both the hobby and in the industry, it looks as if Virgo has made herself known once again. Since her debut in 2011, Virgo Peridot has...
  13. king-sama4u2nv

    Pornstar Escort of the Week: Alexis James

    Other then a handful of other PSs, I had no idea someone as sexual as Alexis existed in the industry. We see so many through the door of professional adult entertainment only to walk right back out a couple months later. Alexis just might be the epitome of sex and we actually get to experience...
  14. king-sama4u2nv

    Lily Starfire No Longer Touring?

    Just like that we may have lost another fellas. Lily Starfire took to social media letting her fans and clients know that she'll no longer be touring or seeing fans anymore. Lily was a very proud provider who could careless who knew about her extra curricular activities in the industry, so this...
  15. king-sama4u2nv

    AIA New Starlet: Reyna Belle

    If you haven't seen lately AIA has been dropping some bombshells lately. I don't know about any of you, but AIA is known for having a giant selection of MYLFs with some young stars here and there. Though, when they add 19 year old to their roster I start to take notice. Reyna Belle, a...
  16. king-sama4u2nv

    Bree Olson Looking for a Date

    I don't give a shit what any of you say, there's hope. There's hope that one of the hottest PSs of any of our time will drop into this hobby like the UTR blonde beauty she is, changing the game and out lists in a heartbeat. The hobby is waiting for Bree Olson. Bree was one of the hottest PS...
  17. king-sama4u2nv

    Pornstar Escort Weekly Tour Update Feb 25th - Mar 2 2024

    Phoenix Marie New York NOW-2/29 Victoria Lobov Los Angeles 3/1-3/7 Babi Star Indianapolis NOW-2/29 Emma Starletto New York NOW-3/1 Romi Rain Philadelphia NOW-2/27 September Reign Ft Lauderdale 3/1-3/3 Brooke Barclay Las Vegas 3/3-4/3 Ryan Conner Houston 2/26-2/27 Austin 2/28 ONE DAY...
  18. king-sama4u2nv

    New TA Starlet: Wendy Raine

    I guess @trystagency must have forgotten to throw a shoutout for Wendy Raine, SO I'LL DO IT!!!! Wendy Raine burst onto the scene in December 2022, igniting a whirlwind journey into the world of adult entertainment. Standing at 5'5" and weighing a nice 145 pounds, with captivating measurements...
  19. king-sama4u2nv

    Lezley Zen Heading Overseas Soon

    Europe is starting to get a lot of love as of late, and it looks like more is coming. Lezley Zen is said to be making her way overseas for an undetermined amount of time, but it will be longer than a month. It was only a matter of time before Lezley made her way back to Europe. She's been going...
  20. king-sama4u2nv

    Emma Starlettos Side of the Story

    I've been thing about some good stories to post in between months and one big one came to mine. One of the biggest stories we've heard in our hobby is the only involving Emma Starletto and by know we all know the clients side, but as far as I know we haven't hear Emma's side. If you don't know...