1. Sexaddict

    So how much does escorts actually make?

    This post is not about PS escorts. ONLY regular escorts. We have all wondered at one point how much these escorts actually make. The average $200-300/hour escort. It varies, some makes $500k a year, such as this girl. There is also this article that says that many escorts makes less than...
  2. Sexaddict

    How much I´ve spent on escorts..

    I started seeing escorts when I was 18. I´m 27 now and I´ve spent in the excess of $220,000 over 9 years. Granted, about $80,000 of them went to my "former" SB. 95% of the girls I´ve seen through the years has been regular $200/hour escorts with some exceptions. I´ve also seen a few...
  3. Sexaddict

    We need a money making sub Forum!

    Talking about escorts is good, but talking about money and making money is even better. This idea i have is based off the “Sports betting as a hobby”. Wouldn’t it be cool with a “money making” (everything money) sub forum? You could use the extra money to buy even more escorts or something...
  4. Sexaddict

    What is your preferred payment method..?

    My preferred type of payment is cash, as it's anonymous. I also tried paying with paypal, but cash is much smoother. There's even girls that states in their ad that they accept "credit card", how would that even work?
  5. Sexaddict

    How much do you spend a year on escorts?

    I probably spend around $5000-6000. When It was at the peak I spent $9000-11000 a year.
  6. Sexaddict

    Spending $80,000 on escorts in 5 months

    I was 22, young and just wanted to have fun! It was new years eve 2018 and I was heading to a local upscale hotel, I had booked the most expensive suite. The suite was 75 square meters (808 sq feet) and it was a bargain, the cost was only $740 per night. It was a very nice suite with a big...
  7. Sexaddict

    Fake money in prostitution

    I recently found this article where a man paid hookers in fake money. It happened in Switzerland. I found this to be funny as hell, since the article said that "even a blind man could see that the money were fake". Does this happen to a lot of escorts? I couldn't dream of doing it.
  8. Sexaddict

    Are all pornstar escorts millionaires?

    The cheapest pornstar escort I know of is Danielle Derek who has a rate of $700 an hour and the most expensive I know about is Aletta Ocean at €1500 per hour, regardless they most both have a lot of clients as every single man knows them. I know that the average man can't afford to fork out $700...