1. king-sama4u2nv

    Macey Meadows Birthday Giveaway

    Well, just when I thought giveaways were becoming extinct, one pops up and slaps you in the face. Macey Meadows is having a Birthday Giveaway in honor of her birthday on the 30th. There are several prizes being offered, with the top prize being a dinner date with Macey herself. Interesting, no...
  2. king-sama4u2nv

    Fuck a Fan Contest? Book Direct

    I've never understood the point in FAF contest. From the perspective of a hobbyist like myself it always felt so much easier to find out if the model/pornstar provides and reach out. I don't mean go straight to their Onlyfans and blurt out "Can we fuck for a price?" If they're offering a FAF its...