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Being able to talk to one of the best providers in the hobby was a real treat. I've been following Jenni Tay ever since I jumped into to this hobby. Watching her social media is like sitting on a rollercoaster that never disappoints no matter how many times you take the ride and talking to her was just the same. Jenni is a top tier provider that is worth every penny of your time and if her kickass personality doesn't get you the raw sex appeal will.

FXeGWSTWIAE9TNT.jpgHow long have you been a provider?

Jenni: Like, an escort or in the adult world?

King: Let's say both. Let's go from one to the other.

I was seventeen when I went into the adult world, and then I've been providing for about seven years.

King: When you say you went into the adult world, what does that mean?

Jenni: I was doing bachelor parties at seventeen. You know, like, wild stuff, like all that crazy shit.

At seventeen you were doing bachelor parties. At what point did you know you wanted to be an escort?

That took a long time. I started out with topless waitressing. I'd see the girls who were doing the shows with the dildos and stuff and I told myself "I would never do that." Two weeks later, I was on the floor doing it. It's a goddamn progression.

King: That's some damn quick progression.

Jenni: I had little breaks here and there.

King: Right. But it took you a while to transition.

Jenni: I was married for a long time. We had kids very young, so I had to do what I had to do. He was military, so there was a lot of traveling and then we got divorced. Crazy enough the dude's still my best friend. Like, I hate the fucker, but I love the fucker kinda thing. So, I ended up being just a provider after that.

If you weren't a provider, would you still be working at the bachelor parties?

No. Absolutely not. I have a college degree. I'm in the medical field. I'm medically trained.

King: Can I ask, what you specialize in?

Jenni: Pediatrics and hospice.

What do you look forward to about being a provider?

Sex. Sex that is different. I feel like we are over-saturated with providers who do not like their job. I've worked with so many girls and I can tell the ones who want to be there and the ones that just feel they have to be there. That is not me.

King: Oh my god. That was an unbelievably attractive answer. You're telling me you can tell the difference between the providers who want to be there and those who don't. Can you tell me the differences between the two?

Jenni: Yes. One is mechanical. Look, I've done duos where I've had a provider come and say, can you meet me fifteen minutes before? The bitch wanted to give me a list of her rules. Don't touch my pussy. Flip your hair over. Pretend you're not eating it. I'm like, what?

King: Holy shit. What the fuck?

Jenni: Yup! The shit-talking of the clients or the disrespect. Look at Twitter. Look at all the shit people say about their clients on Twitter.

King: Yeah!

Jenni: It's ridiculous. Like, I'm not fucking outing a dude for eight hundred dollars who didn't pay a cancelation fee. That's nutty.

How much do you value the client/provider relationship exactly?GKpTTrlXAAAaat9.jpg

I am a businesswoman, and first of all, there are clients that I have good friendships with. But at the end of the day, I'm a brand and I am a business. You must be a real dumb bitch to not realize that you think you just lost eight hundred bucks, but you just took every bit of credibility and flushed it in the toilet and ain't nobody gonna wanna book you again.

King: That's exactly right.

Jenni: That is fucking insane, but also it just shows your character. For me, if I see a girl do that, I will never work with her. It's off-list. If she's gonna do that to John, Bob, Billy, and Fred, she's gonna do it to me. I ain't no different.

King: It's honestly refreshing, because it doesn't seem like a lot of providers have your mentality. It just feels like I'm stepping on eggshells when you contact a provider, and I'd rather not do that.

Jenni: Which takes away from the whole fucking experience.

King: Completely. Completely does that. That's just the worst.

Jenni: I don't do that. I don't like that shit.

What do you do outside of your career?

I'm a mom. I actually have a twenty-six-year-old son who is a gamer and YouTuber.

King: Okay. Alright. Okay. So, basically, when you're not working, you are a mother. You're a family woman.

Jenni: I am.

What do you believe is the biggest misconception when clients are booking providers?

I feel like clients shouldn't feel like reaching out to somebody for a question is an inconvenience.

King: But that's what the hobby is now.

Jenni: But it shouldn't be. Right? At the end of the day, I am the business and they are the client. So if you hire a lawyer and you need to ask them a question, do you feel like it's inconvenient? It shouldn't be. This all goes back to the same conversation that I literally just had with Michelle, my sister, about it. It's sad to see how many people feel like they can't even ask a fucking question.

King: That's just—that sucks because we really feel like any question, even if it's something that is, you know, important, something that is not centered around the sex, it feels like anything we say is gonna be like, "Oh, you know what? You're wasting my time. Can't do it. Sorry."

Jenni: I get that.

What do you believe is your best physical feature?

It's either my eyes or my titties. I get, like, a mix.

King: How big are your boobs?

Jenni: Technically, a 30G because I’m pretty small. People always think, like, when they walk in, “Holy shit. I didn’t think you’d be that small.” Yeah. But I buy a thirty-two triple G.

GJNceqgWYAMjX24.jpgI’ve have to ask this question because when I was researching you, I saw something that blew my mind. Has anyone paid your one-year rate?

No. Okay, so that is a joke, actually.

King: 🤣 🤣 I was very curious.

Jenni: I do not offer it. I had a client actually invest in me. The client in the Carolinas. Yeah. Fuck you, asshole. He messaged me and booked an appointment and then saw that on my website, like, “You’re fucking insane to think that somebody should pay you a million dollars. I don’t wanna see you.” And I just couldn’t even respond because I thought it was so funny. I was like, this dude is joking me. Right? Like, if you do the math on what I charge a month, that wouldn’t even be a year fucking dooshka doo. It's a joke.

King: I had a feeling it was, but I was like, I have to ask. I gotta see if this is real.

Jenni: I assure you if you bought my rate for a year you'd want a refund after three days. I get fucking annoying.

You have an OnlyFans and a popular one from what I hear about?

No. I do not have OnlyFans. I have—it’s called Behind Closed Doors, and, yes, it’s probably a popular one for that website. But I do not have OnlyFans because a friend of mine owns Beyond Closed Doors, and it’s a new company, and I’m just a loyal ass friend. Like, I’m gonna support her, and it would take away from her business if I got OnlyFans right now, so I’m waiting.

King: Going off that, How do you feel about shooting content with your clients? Do you want to shoot it or does your client?

Jenni: It’s me. It’s my whore ass. That’s me. But it has become now, like, a trend. Like, can you shoot me for your Twitter? And I will. The only way I will say no is if they’re not thinking with the right head and they have certain tattoos. And I’m like, no. Like, you’re not thinking here.

King: Yeah.

Jenni: My Twitter's pretty popular. If you don’t want your wife to come across your Billy Bobcat tattoo on your side, buddy, or there’s a squirrel chasing the nut on your side that nobody else has.

What makes you wet?

Oh my god. This is super fucking easy for me. I like pain.

King: What?

Jenni: I know. Yes. So at work, I’m super dominant, but in my personal life, no. I’m super submissive. I like pain and pleasure together.

King: So, basically, like, is it light BDSM? Is that what it is?

Jenni: No. No. No. No. Fuck no. Like, if I had my choice, I’d be like, “Choke me until I pass out?” Like that.

King: That kind— oh, gotcha. Okay. Yeah.

Jenni: It’s weird, and I’m gonna offend every girl on Reddit, and I’m gonna be told I’m a piece of shit for saying this because how dare I even, you know, mock this, but I have a rape fantasy.

King: Okay. That’s nice. No. It’s just like you’re winning in so many parts of your life right now.


What do you do to make a client comfortable?

Just be myself. I don’t pretend to be anything, and I think that’s it. Like, this is just what it is. You get what you’re gonna get. I also don’t— I do not edit my pictures to a degree where dude. You know, can I just fucking say that I have done duos, and I'm not naming names where I have met these providers and I was like, oh, my client's going fucking kill me.

King: 🤣🤣 No. I mean, I’ve never— like, is it— what— okay. In that scenario, were they, you know, that bad?

Jenni: Yes. Yes. But it’s not even a waste. Like, look, I’m the first to, like, be honest. Like, I had a lot of— no. I had work done on my face. Right? Like, I did. To make me look younger, I had recently a bunch of shit done to my face. My body, I’ve only ever had my tits done. But my face, I did— I did have, you know, things I needed to fix. But I met with a girl and, like, she said that she was in her twenties and she was not a fucking day under fifty.

King: Holy shit.

Jenni: I’m like, why? Is that all that— and they all look the same with that Face App. Like, I can never tell now. It’s— or fifty pounds ago. Like, hey. I like thick women, but just be honest.

What turns you off in a client?

Oh, god. I mean, on a bad day, I talk a bit. I don't know if you could turn me off, but okay. I do know. If you come in my room and you talk about your wife in a demeaning way. Like, I don't believe in monogamy. I don't believe that men are wired for monogamy and if you have any intelligence, you can go back in history and see that men were made to procreate. Like, that is a wiring thing. Also, I think I'm wired like a man. I've had guys come and just say the most demeaning stuff. Like, if you're there for a transaction, you don't need to come in and tell me your wife is a fucking cunt, her pussy stinks, and she's rotten. Like, I don't wanna hear that because that makes me just—

King: That turns you of real quick.

Jenni: Like, look, your wife's not giving you sex, whatever. I'm not judging you at all. Jesus. I don't like that. Do what you gotta do, but don’t have to demean your wife. She's still human.

What’s your favorite sex position?

Reverse cowgirl.

King: Okay. I wasn’t expecting that. Everyone has their type, but that's the first time I've heard reverse cowgirl.

Jenni: Because the balls rub my clit.

GLYjvgkXMAEp1vU.jpgWhat do you think keeps your clients repeating your services?

I'm a dirty bitch. I’m just gonna say it flat out. I really do enjoy sex. I’m not gonna say it's every time— like, I've had clients that I just don’t mesh with well. To the point where I’ve gotten up in a session and was like, I just don’t think we're matching, gave the money back. But for the most part, I really enjoy sex.

What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve ever done?

Dude, you’re asking a lot. Like, I’ve done it all, man, except for shit. I mean, I've let somebody piss in my mouth. I’ve— I’ve had my butthole fucking electrocuted. Yeah. The only thing I will not do is scat. I'm not fucking doing that under any circumstance.

There’s only a handful of people I know who tour as much as you do. How do you manage it?

People ask me that all the time. I just do it because I like it. I enjoy it. I’ve worked with a lot of girls, and I really, really enjoy working with Piper because she’s just as dirty of a bitch as me. She’s fun, she’s herself, and she doesn’t pretend to be anybody else. She’s made touring easier. I toured with someone else a while ago, and I hated it. They were drunk and miserable, and it brought me down. So I think it really depends on who you're with.

Who is your favorite duo’s partner? Do you have someone?

You're putting me on the fucking spot. It’s Piper. It's only because, I ask someone recently let me spit in your mouth and they were like "Get the fuck outta here." Then i said "Spit in my mouth." and they didn't. A lot of the other ones won't do things like let me spit in their mouth. Piper's like, "Sure, let's do it."

King: So the chemistry is there between the two of you.

Jenni: Oh, yeah.

King: Because I've heard that chemistry is something right there. I'm not gonna lie. That’s really something.

Jenni: Yeah, Piper's absolutely my favorite.

So your rate is extremely affordable for someone of your status. Have you ever thought of hiking it up?

I will not go up. Everyone keeps telling me to go up, but no. I want to be affordable. I want people to be able to spend more than an hour with me. I just think there's a max and this it for me, I'm not going up. I don’t think my shit doesn’t stink. I don’t think I’m perfect. This is a fair rate.

For the person booking four hours or more, because no one is fucking for four hours. What would you say to them?

What you do in your time is up to you. You’re paying for my time. If you can pop seventy-six times, cool. It's your time.

King: So basically, whatever you wanna do in your specific time frame, that’s on you, and you're all for it.

Jenni: Yeah, to a certain degree. You can’t come in and think you're gonna take the condom off or something. But other than that, yeah, pretty much. I’m always game to try new things. I always say I'll try anything sexually once. Because at one time, I didn’t know I would like something until I tried it.

So how much longer are you planning on being a provider?

I have no stop time. I’ll stop providing when I no longer enjoy it. If it’s tomorrow, it’s tomorrow. If it’s in two years, then it’s two years.

King: So basically, get you while we can.

Jenni: Yeah. I don’t know when it’ll be. I’ve met some of the best guys doing this job. Not women, one thing I know about being in this business is that women are fucking nutz. But the men, I think I’ll have friendships with some of them indefinitely.

What do you think about clients reviewing you?Fpas02VXsAAIaAv.jpg

I don’t care. Good or bad, I’m not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. I know some people comment about all my tattoos. I don’t need to be everyone’s cup of tea as long as I’m true to myself.

King: Goodness. I truly wish providers had that mentality. It's like you don't get that anymore. Providers don’t like us talking about other providers. Clients don’t like us talking about providers with each other. What do you expect us to do exactly? That's where my mentality is.

Jenni: Right! None of that bothers me. I want my reviews to be honest. I don’t like when people offer discounts for good reviews. I’ve gotten emails from girls accidentally including me in their lists. I’m like, really? Where do you want guys to find out anything if they can’t ask questions or do this or that?

King: Yeah, and then when we do ask a question, it’s, "Nope, I didn’t like your answer. I’m just gonna blacklist you." It’s frustrating.

Jenni: Yeah it's the fucking worst.

The best way to book Jenni is through her website JenniTay85.ch and follow her through her social media @Tay_Jenni
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