1. pornlover554

    Being NERVOUS will RUIN your session..

    Im sure that many of us was nervous during our first few encounters with escorts. Furthermore I see many guys who is "nervous" about meeting their first escort, so I thought that I would make this post for all the gents who are nervous about meeting an escort. First of all, being nervous WILL...
  2. king-sama4u2nv

    Bring Your Provider to a Swingers Party

    I, in no way, shape, or form, can make heads or tails of this. I don't know if this is a smart idea or the worst one, so I'm going to employ the ears of some of the swingers or veteran clients in the forum. Is bringing your provider to a swingers' party a good idea? I'm only asking this...
  3. pornlover554

    Price and Quality is NOT connected (in the escort world)..

    I’ve been with ALOT of $200-300/hour girls and then a few $500+ girls and i have to say that in this world, price and quality does not go hand in hand. Personally, i’ve had better experiences with the $200-300/hour girls. That Said, i’ve been with Danielle Derek ($700) and Jasmine Jae ($800...
  4. pornlover554

    International Sex Workers day..

    many of us (including me) may not have known this but there is a day called “International SW day”. Well actually its officially called “international whores day” but I’m gonna go with another word instead of whores for this post. It is being celebrated every year on June 2nd. It’s a day where...
  5. pornlover554

    Escort girls are EXPOSED..

    Escort girls are maybe the single most exposed group to organized crime. I´ve heard a lot of stories about how gangs are trying to extort money from the girls. I´m from Denmark and I can tell you that it´s happening here. Not happening "big time" but it is happening. That´s why the girls are...
  6. pornlover554

    The "swedish" model..

    As a citizen of a nordic country I think we need to have a talk about the swedish model, whether it is working or not. In short, the swedish model punishes clients and not the girls. The punishments can wary and it´s based on whether it´s a first time offense or a client has received multiple...
  7. pornlover554

    Biggest Silicone Boobs (Escorts)

    As someone who only fucks escorts with silicone boobs, i thought it would only make sense if i made such a list of every possible high end/PS escort with the biggest silicone boobs. These women on the list, all has at least 1000 ccs. Europe: Mary Madison Love (5500 ccs) Nova Nice (3500 ccs)...
  8. pornlover554

    Superbowl and Escorts!

    As most of you know, the weeks leading up to the superbowl is a PLAYGROUND for escorts! A lot of tourists from all over the world equals a lot of escorts being in that area (including pornstars). Have you ever (or are you going to) see escorts this time around leading up to the superbowl? I´m...
  9. pornlover554

    What is the ideal time to finish?

    Some men only lasts 2-3 minutes, while other men can last on the better side of 10 minutes. Personally, it depends on how long it's been since I have had sex. What do you think is the perfect duration to finish?
  10. pornlover554

    My first encounter where i wasn´t able to get hard!

    So yesterday, I had a... strange to say the least, encounter with an escort that I´ve been seeing regularly when she is in town. She opened the door and seemed so SAD. She threw a towel to me when I asked if she had one. When I was done with my shower, I went to her room where she just seemed...
  11. pornlover554

    What girl SURPRISED you? (Positively)

    I had my doubts visiting Nova Nice a few months ago, but she honestly blew me away (Yes, also in that sense). She is THE bimbo to visit in Europe of those i’ve tried (that isn’t retired, even though Jasmine Jae was my favourite when she was still active). I was very positively surprised by...
  12. king-sama4u2nv

    Yearly Rate Increased

    The post-holiday season marks the arrival of a challenging reality for hobbyists – the widespread phenomenon of rate increases. Unfortunately, it seems to persist throughout the entire year. As the days leading up to the new year unfold and even extend beyond, providers engage in a trend of...
  13. pornlover554

    Escorts that allows filming (a list)

    Let´s compile a list with escorts that allows filming the session. Nina Elle, Destiny Dixon, Vicky Chase, Rachael Roxx, Katrina Jade, Brooke Banners, Cali Carter, Brittany Amber, Danielle Derek, Amy Anderssen. The rate is usually around $400 Please comment if you want to add a girl to the list.
  14. king-sama4u2nv

    XBIZ Awards & Expo

    We are now less then a month away from the biggest event of the year for the adult industry. Even bigger event for hobbyist who are looking to be apart of and indulge in the biggest roster lineup an of us have ever have. There will not be one but two different adult industry awards, the XBIZ and...
  15. pornlover554

    The GOAT, PS edition..

    Football has Tom Brady Soccer has Cristiano Ronaldo Tennis has Novak Djokovic BUT who is the GOAT when it comes to Pornstar Escorts, who do you Think is the greatest pornstar of all time? It could be a PS that escorts or have been escorting in the past. I have my GOAT, but i want to read...
  16. pornlover554

    Ever booked a girl and tipped her extra to do things that aren’t on her menu?

    My go to escort that i enjoyed to Facefuck and record the action a few times, has suddenly deleted her WhatsApp and local ad. Now i have to find a new girl that will do that, however not many girls offers facefucking and being recorded. Have any of you ever tried to pay a girl some extra money...
  17. pornlover554

    What’s the longest time ever that someone booked an escort for?

    The most i’ve booked an escort/sugarbabe for was 6 days. But, has anyone ever booked an escort for more than a month? Maybe even a full year. That would be really interesting to know i think. What a baller move it would be to book an escort for a whole year.
  18. pornlover554

    What’s the most you’ve ever spent on one escort? (In total)

    The most i’ve ever spent on an escort in total would be close to $50,000. She was also my SB. I spent that on her over 6 different vacations that each lasted for 4-5 days. What’s the most you ever spent on one escort, in total?
  19. king-sama4u2nv

    Pornstar Escort Weekly Tour Update Nov 12th - 18th

    Jenna Bentley Las Vegas 11/15-11/19 Jesse Jane Boston NOW-11/14 Victoria Zdrock Miam NOW-11/13 Charli Phoenix Los Angeles 11/13-11/21 Riley Star Los Angeles 11/15-11/22 Allie Nicole Chicago NOW-11/15 Lolly Dames Boston 11/15-11/18 Jill Taylor Miami NOW-11/15 Victoria Lobov Las Vegas...
  20. pornlover554

    Did you ever bump into an escort in public?

    I’ve bumped into escorts that i fucked before and at first, you look twice. Most of the time though, they dont say anything if you bump into them.