1. trystagency

    Welcome MILF Honey Heston to the Tryst family

    I say this often "I love my job" sure there are days that are harder than others but for the most part I love my job. I especially love it when I get to connect with amazing performers that genuinely LOVE what they do. Honey Heston is one of those ladies. Busty Blonde MILF based in San Diego and...
  2. trystagency

    Welcome Bad Bella to the Tryst Family

    So I have been off an on speaking with Bella for a bit now. Her schedule has been crazy and I can see why (as I am sure you cant to) So we Finally get a chance to do a phone call and OMG what a sweetheart. She is Vegas based and while she does have a busy schedule she is looking forward to...
  3. trystagency

    Blast From the Past

    So this email comes across my desk this morning...From Natasha Voya. Natasha was MOSTLY a Girl Girl performer back in the day..but then took a break and exited the industry She is making a comeback and will soon be featured with us here at Tryst New Pictures and all Natasha is Based in Austin...
  4. trystagency

    Pristine Edge goes public

    She been sort of hiding in plane site for awhile as UTR-PE on our site but now she is letting the world know she is available she is Vegas based and you are not gonna want to miss seeing her if your in town
  5. trystagency

    Petite Haley Spades in NYC July 23-26

    Haley Spades is currently in NYC so dont miss your chance to see this little vixen I am shocked her dance card is not all full already
  6. trystagency

    Welcome Jenna Bentley to the Tryst Family

    Jenna Bentley is a well know model. She has graced the covers of Playboy, FHM, Maxim to name a few. Jenna falls in that MILF category. (Horny MILF to be specific) She is available in the Los Angeles area and also FMTY and overnights if you think your libido can handle it. Doubles are available...