1. trystagency

    Remy is doing her first tour in NYC

    So yesterday I get a phone call..(I've been waiting for it for awhile) We will just call her Remy...(yep THAT Remy) She tells me that she just got done with a brand new photo Shoot and she is ready to make her touring debut So Mark your Calendars perves cause she is heading to NYC July 15-19...
  2. trystagency

    Its has been a busy week...But lets Welcome some ladies to the Tryst Family

    Welcome Miami Based Serana Santos. If you love that Latin flavor and some spice in your life then check her out This one is sort of funny and is a result of all you horny pervs spreading the word. Welcome Athena Fleurs to the Tryst family. So a...
  3. trystagency

    Welcome Lily LaBeau to the Tryst Family

    So for the last week we have been working hard to book all you horny pervs with your favorite ladies. During my 5 mins of spare time I got on a call with the iconic Lily LaBeau and had a great chat, caught up or some stuff and got things ironed out in regards to bringing her on board with Tryst...
  4. trystagency

    Welcome the Busty Nia Bleu to the Tryst family

    For all you pervs always searching for those busty ladies let me introduce you to Nia Bleu. I just found out about her and I have to say wow wow wow she has not been in the industry to long but she is cultivating a career that is getting her some well deserved attention for sure. I am sure that...
  5. trystagency

    Welcome Spencer Bradley to the Tryst Agency

    So Spencer and I go way back. I have known her since she started in Porn. She is one of the sweetest people I know and a heart of gold. She has been out of the gam for about 2 years and after she and I reconnected and caught up on things she told me she is ready to get back to seeing her fans...
  6. trystagency

    Welcome Mia James to the Tryst Family

    Got to love when an up and coming MILF lives right down the road and has heard great things about the Tryst family. Spoke to Mia over the phone and she is very excited to meet some new folks and have some fun Show her some love and if you are visiting Las Vegas schedule some fun...
  7. trystagency

    Welcome Suki Sin to the Tryst family

    When it comes to busty Asians there just aren't that many in the porn Industry Suki Sin is defiantly one of the more popular ones and Now you can make sure that you can book some time together. Speaking with her and that heavy Asian accent was kind of difficult but a turn on for sure. Based in...
  8. trystagency

    welcome MILF Kayla Paige to the Tryst family

    MILF Lovers rejoice Kayla Paige is back and available. All pictures are brand new as of first week of Feb and she is ready to have some fun Kayla is based in Las Vegas and very much looking forward to meeting some old and new friends.
  9. trystagency

    Welcome Bad Bella to the Tryst Family

    So I have been off an on speaking with Bella for a bit now. Her schedule has been crazy and I can see why (as I am sure you cant to) So we Finally get a chance to do a phone call and OMG what a sweetheart. She is Vegas based and while she does have a busy schedule she is looking forward to...
  10. trystagency

    Madi Collins First Tour

    Ok gentelmen youve been asking and finally she has answered. Madi Collins is making her first ever tour to NYC March 14-21 I am giving you all over a months notice. Yes BBFS and anal is available This is not a tour your gonna want to miss
  11. trystagency

    Welcome Avalon Mira to the Tryst family

    This Busty PAWG Goddess is based in Tampa and excited to jump right into the deep end of the pool and we are happy yo have her she is new to this but very much looking forward to meeting some fans and showing you all what he is about
  12. trystagency

    Welcome Luna Baby to the Tryst family

    Its always a great feeling when our reputation spreads around to other talent cause of the kind words of the models we currently work with. This is what happened with Luna Baby. Such a sweetheart and someone that truly loves what she does in this industry. if you are traveling to Las Vegas for...
  13. trystagency

    I have another session with Kitt Jones

    Kitt is a close friend and I have lesioned with her a few times. she is coming over tonight for a session to help me unwind Really cant tell you guys how much of an unsung provider she is. this woman LOVES being a slut, getting fucked, and just about anything that deals with sex. Her BJ skills...
  14. trystagency

    New Cytherea Pictures

    check out her new pics. This woman is rocking it out at 42 yrs old. I don't think she has aged one bit...amazing Plus she will be at AVN signing at the Loyalfans booth first time she has been at a convention in nearly 10 yrs
  15. trystagency

    India Summer in Boston Nov 7-9

    The title says it all. India is touring Boston and her schedule fills up fast
  16. trystagency

    Kira Fox New Pictures and Touring Chicago Oct 22-25

    So Kira Fox...Aka Chloe Cooper is visiting Chicago October 22-25.... She also sent me some new pictures as she has been working hard at the gym and let me tell you DAMN it shows. I am gonna do something special for our EA community. This is for her Chicago tour only....$1200 for the hour...
  17. trystagency

    Welcome Aviana Violet to the Tryst Family

    I didn't know much about Aviana when i first seen her pictures and social media. I Only knew that this chick was banging hot and those tits were insane so I knew I had to do my my DUTY TO THE COMMUNITY to reach out and make it happen...And It finally did Welcome this busty brunet...
  18. trystagency

    Welcome Busty MILF Victoria Lobov to the Tryst family

    When Victoria became available I reached out and while it took me a few different attempts we finally connected and chatted about things. Victoria is very new to this and has only met one fan at the time of this writing. She is very excited to start providing to her fans. Victoria is based in...
  19. titsinnyc

    My review of Abigail Morris in NYC

    I just posted a review of Abigail and I have to say that WOW don't miss out on the chance to see her at all.
  20. trystagency

    Blast From the Past

    So this email comes across my desk this morning...From Natasha Voya. Natasha was MOSTLY a Girl Girl performer back in the day..but then took a break and exited the industry She is making a comeback and will soon be featured with us here at Tryst New Pictures and all Natasha is Based in Austin...