1. trystagency

    Remy is doing her first tour in NYC

    So yesterday I get a phone call..(I've been waiting for it for awhile) We will just call her Remy...(yep THAT Remy) She tells me that she just got done with a brand new photo Shoot and she is ready to make her touring debut So Mark your Calendars perves cause she is heading to NYC July 15-19...
  2. trystagency

    Welcome some amazing new ladies to the Tryst Family

    Last week was Vacation and this week back at my desk has been a whirlwind for sure. Interviewing ladies while on Vacation and then catching up once back at my desk is crazy. (Learning how to type on two keyboards one handed has been interesting as well (there is a learning curve) Added some...
  3. trystagency

    Its has been a busy week...But lets Welcome some ladies to the Tryst Family

    Welcome Miami Based Serana Santos. If you love that Latin flavor and some spice in your life then check her out This one is sort of funny and is a result of all you horny pervs spreading the word. Welcome Athena Fleurs to the Tryst family. So a...
  4. trystagency

    Welcome Ivy Ireland to the Tryst family

    You have asked and we have delivered. Ivy Ireland is newer to the adult industry as she has only been around since about October last year. I didnt even know about her until you all started asking about her. Gave her a follow and started chatting here and there today we got on a call and got...
  5. trystagency

    Welcome Bad Bella to the Tryst Family

    So I have been off an on speaking with Bella for a bit now. Her schedule has been crazy and I can see why (as I am sure you cant to) So we Finally get a chance to do a phone call and OMG what a sweetheart. She is Vegas based and while she does have a busy schedule she is looking forward to...
  6. trystagency

    Madi Collins First Tour

    Ok gentelmen youve been asking and finally she has answered. Madi Collins is making her first ever tour to NYC March 14-21 I am giving you all over a months notice. Yes BBFS and anal is available This is not a tour your gonna want to miss
  7. trystagency

    Welcome Luna Baby to the Tryst family

    Its always a great feeling when our reputation spreads around to other talent cause of the kind words of the models we currently work with. This is what happened with Luna Baby. Such a sweetheart and someone that truly loves what she does in this industry. if you are traveling to Las Vegas for...
  8. trystagency

    I have another session with Kitt Jones

    Kitt is a close friend and I have lesioned with her a few times. she is coming over tonight for a session to help me unwind Really cant tell you guys how much of an unsung provider she is. this woman LOVES being a slut, getting fucked, and just about anything that deals with sex. Her BJ skills...
  9. trystagency

    New Cytherea Pictures

    check out her new pics. This woman is rocking it out at 42 yrs old. I don't think she has aged one bit...amazing Plus she will be at AVN signing at the Loyalfans booth first time she has been at a convention in nearly 10 yrs
  10. trystagency

    Welcome New Anal Slut Sasha Beart to the Tryst agency

    Sasha has been a Porn Star in Russia and Europe for a few years and NOW this anal slut is based in Los Angeles I spoke with her last night and I have to say that her accent is amazing and she is looking forward to making some new fans in America Go show her some love...
  11. trystagency

    Cytherea touring San Francisco Oct 16-19th

    If anyone is curious about about Sponsoring a tour for the squirt queen herself let me know as she has made it known that she is down for it She has not been available in San Fran for a tour in a long time
  12. trystagency

    Welcome Two new additions to the Tryst famiy

    This has been a busy week for us no doubt but we love what we do and it is not gonna stop anytime soon that being said please welcome our two newest ladies to the Tryst family First we have Ava Sinclaire. Standing at 4ft 11inches Ava is proof great things come in small packages. All natural...
  13. trystagency

    Welcome Rebel Lynn to the Tryst family

    So Rebel Lynn being available is not a new thing. Rebel has been a close friend for a while and when she expressed wanting more work I was happy to meet with her and figure out what as going on...So here you go folks Rebel is based in Vegas and available for outcalls and FMTY and overnight...
  14. trystagency

    Welcome Haley Reed to the Tryst Family

    Waking op and seeing an email from this stunning woman is exactly how every man wants to start a weekend. First question I asked her was about the Eros ads. ALL CURRENT EROS ADS ARE FAKE...(We are gonna work on fixing that) One of her friends told her about us and we are glad they did Haley is...
  15. trystagency

    Go check out the New Additions

    Where the hell did this week go? After the Allie Addison addition the flood gates opened. the sexy Rosalyn Sphinx and her hubby Juan Loco jumped on board. Both available in Las Vegas so if your looking for a doubles session in Vegas they are your couple Raven haired MILF Jessica Ryan has...
  16. trystagency

    Welcome the New ladies' to the Tryst Family

    Well we have been working hard to bring you amazing talent so Let me introduce you to our three newest. First the beautiful TS Gia Gunn. Gia is available in Los Angeles and is the 2nd Trans model we are working with and def not the last. For all you lovers of tiny petite models let me...
  17. trystagency

    New Website and look...Same Amazing customer service

    Be ptient with some erros you might get on the new website. Our webmaster..and yours is working wtih little sleep dont worry though I am keeping him fed with plenty of coffee and Hotpockets. New and exciting things coming That being said Welcome Graycee Baybee to the tryst...
  18. trystagency

    Welcome Summer Vixen to the Tryst family

    Summer Vixen reached out and said she was ready to make some fantasies come true for her fans. Summer is based in the Orange County area but is open to traveling anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area. Summer is a naughty girl and down for everything just like you horney dudes like...
  19. trystagency

    Welcome Transsexual super star Brittney Kade to the Tryst Family

    In the last 2 years Brittney has rocketed to the top of the adult industry. Winning awards and hearts and minds all over the world. I am aware that Trans models might not be for everyone but I also know that there are MANY men, female and couples that would love to chance to have this Porn Star...
  20. trystagency

    Welcome Sophia Burns to the Tryst family

    Hope you all are having a nice weekend. When models reach out directly cause they have heard good things it makes our job much easier. Sophia is one of those girls. To be fair i didnt know much about her until she reached out but after watching her scenes I can fully understand why her fans love...