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When some of us hear the name Shannon twins it means nothing, but for some of us our minds goes to the legend that was Hugh Hefner. These two girls have been providing for quite some time now and even though they could be found on AIA and I'm guessing Lourdes, the fact that they're on PC makes them a little bit more attainable now. As strange as that sounds.

The Shannon Twins or rather Kristina Shannon (left image) and Karissa Shannon (right image) have been stars since 2008. This was the year both women moved into the Playboy and officially became Playboy Playmates.

in 2009, both women gained fame after being seen in the famous "Girl Next Door" television show with the legendary head of playboy Hugh Hefner. At this point int time rumors were circling of the twins being in a relationship with Hugh, but nothing was ever proven.

In the same year both women appeared on the cover Playboy magazine for July and August, but it wasn't to long after they moved out the mansion to strike it out on their own. The twins did everything from make music, to appear on game shows, to have sex tapes leaked of them in the span of a couple years.

Finally around 2019 the twins decided to star in porn with Brazzers and Reality Kings being their debut studios. Since then you can catch both women sporadically appearing in scenes whether alone or together.

Both Twins have be "UTR" on AIA for years now. I have yet to meet anyone to have seen them, but I'd be lying if I wasn't a little curious as to what this experience would be like. To have actual twins all to yourself sounds like something directly out of a scene, which I guess would be the point. The twins are located in Detroit and very rarely tour. Both woman are going for $3,000 on PC. This is a deal and a dream come true if you can book them.

If you've booked the Shannon Twins or plan on booking them be sure to drop a review. Have fun, Pervs!
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