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I always see it's worth talking about certain providers going on tour. Those are the providers you rarely see on tour and often wonder if they're still providing. It's not often I forget that Rachel Cavalli is a provider, but she does stay at the corner of my eye at times.

Do get me wrong, Rachael is still one of the hottest MILFs in the industry. For being just shy of 40, Racheal is still knocking out the scenes as much as she did back when she debuted in 2017. It is pretty obvious she's shifted her focus to creating her own content rather then deal with professional shoots and if Rachael isn't creating her own content she's dancing in gentlemen's clubs.

Anyway, Rachael is said to be in New York on June 15th through to the 23rd. It is rare for her to tour, but it's not rare for her to make a stop in New York. For my New Yorkers I suggest you book Rachael, because I highly doubt she'll be making another appearance this year. if she does it'll be unplanned and very short notice. As usual for Rachael, you can book her through AIA or reach her directly (which I recommend) through her email, you can find it on the EA-List.

Remember, drop a review if you have or plan on see Rachael. Have fun, Pervs!

P.S. @tinman could tell you more about her.