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What attracted you to the porn industry in the first place?JessicaR1.jpg

I had many desires and wanted to explore various things. Porn seemed like the safest route to go about it..

Were there any alternatives or other career paths you considered?

I thought about stripping but since I had other things happening the timeline made it impossible. I attempted softcore and I was miserable. I quickly realized that there are so many scammy people and having an agent to navigate the industry was crucial. You either jumped right in, because there was no Onlyfans. There was no tempering yourself to the system. So, I decided to dive right into the industry.

So, you didn’t webcam or have any sex work experience before you went into the industry?

I toyed around a little bit. I took in and organized little gangbangs which was my go to for porn, I really wanted to try it out. I experimented a little bit in providing, but not really. It was like the entryway drug, put it kind of poorly.

You were gone for four years and then you just came back. What was it that drew you back?

Well, the pandemic. It was better for me to close my business and shift. I was a full-time student and kind of toying with the idea of getting back to Onlyfans. Then they had withdrawn the COVID relief and I had to figure it out because it just still wasn't safe enough to do my business. I had to make up for the financial loss. I found out that they were doing COVID testing for porn where it was a 48 hour requirement, so it was calculated risk which has always been appealing with porn. So, I went ahead and jumped back into the pool.

So you were happy to be back?

Absolutely. It was really nice to be back. It was interesting after taking a break. I don't know if I've ever come back to a community of people who were so thrilled to have
someone back. You know? Like, it was kind of like a giant family reunion. With the pandemic It was even more so as seeing familiar faces is always a nice thing.

With that four-year gap and you jumping back into the industry. Did it change at all?

Oh my god, substantially. I think just the COVID situation changed everything. Imagine having to drive to the testing center first thing in the morning and there's a certain cutoff, because you need to have a 24 hour COVID test. You need to do it by a certain time, so you can have the results for the next day. It was such a headache. It felt a whole lot more dispersed. Where there's always been kind of the tightness where everyone knows
each other. There's just so many new people and it's impossible to keep up with it.

King: I didn't know it could change so much. I just thought you saw the same faces.

JessicaR5.jpgOkay. So long has it been, ten years you've been in the industry. Is that what it is?

Yeah. Fuckin’ crazy isn’t it?

King: It is! You started when you were twenty-eight?

Jessica: I was twenty-six.

Straight from there until now, I believe you haven't had any type of augmentation to your body whatsoever?

No. I've not done anything. Which has been a challenge, because I grew up on comic books. I can appreciate what I've been naturally given, and I didn't wanna do a disservice to my body.

King: Right. I've been watching some of your social media and you’re getting your first augmentation. You said you found a doctor. You're trying to find the right size.

Why do it now as compared to when you started off and when you know you had more than enough money to do it?

Not every woman is blessed with the tits that I have.

King: That’s very true

Jessica: I didn't want to just straight up destroy would I have. You don't get to see that all the time. People will pay to have breasts, however, I've always had the alter ego that I've wanted to embody. So, I feel like I've had a good run. I'm finally at that point where I think that enhancement is only for the betterment.

King: Right you're a 34C, if I'm not mistaken?

Jessica: No. I am a 32DD.

King: 32DD? I could have sworn-

Jessica: That’s okay. They usually put shit up their wrong.

How big are you going exactly?

I think it depends on what I decide with the doctor. I am five two and I'm looking at other people not knowing their dimensions and everything. I can only base it off of looks. I have been talking with a doctor and I think that he has a good assessment of being mindful of any potential consequences, like If I go too big. He's trying to kinda keep me reeled in, because this is me tapping my alter ego. So, it's to be determined. I do like them bigger. Like, I mean, I've got a couple pieces. It's gonna be a fun avenue, but I also don't wanna fuck up my back in the process. Right now I'm navigating the nuances of this last year, I haven't been as physically active as I like to be. I’m not as muscular as I like to be. So, I keep thinking should I do this before I really dive into working out or should I wait a little bit and really find my body for it? I'm learning the whole, over the muscle, under the muscle, hybrid. Well, I like to lift weights and they tell me it looks bigger. I'm like, dude I'm in porn.


Jessica: I don't know what to tell you. If they stay there, then they stay there. So, that would be the one issue. There’s a doctor that does great porno titties and the only caution that I would have with him is that I feel like he would be, like, just go as big as you want. He’s made some epic porno titties. So, I have the conservative guy. Who’s trying to be safe and make it as natural as possible. You get to know all of the journey. Sorry Lol.

King: No. I'm fine. I am perfectly fine with this.

Jessica: Booby shopping has been so much fun.

Is there a Pornstars breast you aren’t specifically copying, but getting a rough idea of what you want yours to look like?

Like a specific performer that we can kinda visually reference.

King: Yeah.

Jessica: I love Kendra Lust tits. She's a much taller person than I am. I also like Crystal Rush's.

So the majority of the scenes you have shot, I have noticed that the dialogue and the plots in them are extensive. Like, extensive for porn. Do you enjoy those scenes?76156580_129_6089.jpg

I do. I do. I especially love it when they go outside of the porno box, because I call the porno box, the incest box. Which is fine to each their own, but it’s not taboo if you don’t fuck someone that’s not suppose to be a relative in porn. I I love the scripts. I never thought that I’d get so into the acting, because I got into porn for the sex. Creative side is challenging, I’ll have those moments of insecurity. It’s definitely, like, some mindfulness and channeling characters especially in porno logic. Porno logic is difficult to make realistic sometimes.

One of your first scenes was a Boy/Girl/Boy/Girl?

Yeah. Was that the RK (Reality Kings) one?

King: Yeah. That was the one where I think you guys were having a sex in front of twelve people or something like that.

Jessica: Yeah. It was ridiculous. They hired all these extras. It was fun and it was where I thought “I think I can do this.”

So what made you go that route for your first scene other than the usual Boy/Girl?

That's what they asked me to do.

King: Oh! So, it easily could've just been you and another guy there.

Jessica: Yeah. It was fun. It was a lot of fun.

I've seen this in just about every interview, but I've never really got a clear answer on it. What is it about gangbangs that gets you so excited?

I love Dick.

King: That was a great answer. Okay. That was a good answer.

Jessica: It's funny. If you look at what men like and what women like. Women gravitate towards gangbang porn, because we're told in society we're supposed to be demure and sex comes. We have to be more chased than not. Meanwhile, we have all these fucking urges. Women are the same as men, but we’re more repressed. The fantasy of being able to take all of the dicks, it’s hot as fuck.

King: Great answer. Either way, it was a great answer.

Jessica: I love it.

Did the provider come first or did the porn star come first?

Technically speaking the provider, but it was one person and then it was porn. Because of my business I didn't really provide that much. The risk of stigma is always something to be aware of and any other life activities. So, I've not really ever been focused on being a provider.

We see Jessica Ryan in her scenes, and we love Jessica Ryan in her scenes. How much of her is with the client?

I come from the service industry. The way that I look at it, it’s my job and my place as a day maker. If you were to plan this big vacation, you were to have one dream, this one fantasy. That's what my purpose is and I love sharing that. I feel like this world is terribly repressed and I look at that as kind of my privilege to give to people.

King: For some reason that made me feel very happy when you said all that.

Jessica: Really? That’s nice

So, we know you love gangbangs. Now have you ever done that with multiple clients before?

I haven't, actually. I would be open to it. Look at you coming up with the kinky question. That wasn’t a question I was anticipating in the slightest.

King: I like to throw curveballs, it’s my job.76156580_228_ae94.jpg

Jessica: That sounds fucking hot. God damn it.

King: It’s what I do, and it's what I love.

Jessica: I love it. I love it.

King: So, you haven't done it, but it's something you could do given the right the right clients.

Jessica: Given the right circumstances. Yeah. It’s funny. I was actually scheduled to do a gangbang back when we had the moratorium in December. I ended up not shooting it because, the moratorium and everything that happened. And I'm like, wow. I'm like, even with fourteen-day testing, I feel like that's a way of increasing your odds of having problems.

Like I said before, you got your plots and your dialogue that I see in your scenes all the time. Has anyone ever, have you, reenact any of past scenes or done anything abnormal when you're provided?

I've had a couple of guys. Like, I don't wanna boohoo anybody that does have the mommy thing. Some guys like the mommy roleplay and I was like, okay. One guy did it hot. It's not always something that's tedious. I feel like porn is teaching people they're taboos.

King: Sounds something you aren’t too excited about. Is it because it's something you do often?

Jessica: Imagine being in a band and you have your top hits. You're asked to always do that top hit. Even if it's a really good song. It gets repetitive.

King: Perfectly analogy.

What makes you nervous? Having sex in front of a camera with a dozen people looking at you or being with a client?

That's a really good question. I suppose it would depend on the interaction with the client that I had prior to seeing them. And it would also depend on the circumstances for the twelve people. I feel like somebody seeking me out as a provider getting past those points with people a little bit better whereas if it's twelve people, especially I’m not fucking them and they’re just there. I don’t know if it would make me that nervous though. It would take very specific things, I'd be like, I don't like this.

King: Gotcha!

Jessica: So neither of them.

What is your favorite city to tour?

I haven't really toured. I went to Saint Louis and that's it.

King: I thought so. Haven’t seen any tour dates from you.

Jessica: Yeah. This year I was getting ready do Seattle and then DC or something. Then the whole MGEN thing popped up and I went through so many antibiotics that I was like, I'm gonna get all my health back in order before I see any clients. I didn't wanna be half-bound.

King: That’s understandable. I hear the whole MGEN really knocks you on your behind.

Jessica: Antibiotics are really rough. They're not antibiotics that you want to put yourself into the position to have to take. I'm happy they finally came out announcing that they’ll require every thirty days for people to be tested for it, because I wasn’t going to return.

JessicaR4.jpgHow Fetish friendly are you?

I love Fetish. That's where my foundation comes from. I tend to be more of a top. I rarely even play a submissive role in my personal life. Sometimes if I'm on set and it's somebody that I know well, sure. I love fetish.

How do you make a client comfortable in that initial meeting?

Generally the icebreaker and conversation. It depends on the setting and what kind of energy they put off. It's funny, I can only speak on how I've gone about it, but I've only seen so many people. I told you, it's not been a primary focus for me. I usually like to come in have a small speaker and my phone put some chill music on in the background. Just have a conversation. Sometimes I’ll have them meet me at the bar and we'll get a drink. We'll work our way up and talk kinda has a little natural progression. I try not to go into any sessions intoxicated, especially with new people. It does help ease the nerves by having a drink and not jumping at it.

King: I can definitely see that. You would have a nice rapport. Mind you, we just met and the rapport we have right now is really relaxing to the point where I would almost forget we were having a session if we were in one.

Jessica: I love it. Yeah. It's happened where I have to be like, okay I'm gonna just turn on the sexy. I've had people whose hands are shaking. I was like, okay. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to jump at it, because I’m super new to it. You're shaking. How about we have conversations first?

King: That's why I always like to book at least two hours. So you have at least, you know, thirty minutes or more just to talk, get to know each other.

Jessica: Right! The dream setting that. I haven't experienced where you go to Germany and they have the whole bath experience the bathing before sex and after, but I think that is such a great ritual around sex.

You haven't seen a lot of clients, but what can a client do basically to make you wet?

What can they do to make me wet? Just the booking on its own when it's actually made is arousing. It's hot to have somebody that wants to spend time with you and spend money on you. That in its own right is a little bit of a precursor. I don't know. I've only had one client where they gifted me and spoiled me into lingerie when I showed up. Something like that was the extra thing to bring the intimacy into the session.

Do you offer anal with your clients?

I have. It's amazing, very few people ever actually book it. Also, I've not met many people. So, Yes. I like anal.

What can turn you off in a client?

Entitlement. Like, I think that the thing that brings me joy, is we're both coming together. Here's a conceptual situation and to be entitled or condescending towards me– it's a vulnerable decision for both of us. I think that’s the biggest turnoff.

King: So, basically, just be humble. That's the key thing.

Jessica: Yeah, be humble. Have good communication with me, ask questions and be respectful. I've had some people where they're entitled and I’m like, okay. How are we? Can we be done now?

King: Oh! That would be a great duo between you two.

Jessica: She's such a sweetheart too.

Do you plan to tour next year at all?

Fuck Yeah. I really, really wanted to go on tour this year and like I said It was a challenging year for me.

King: Right.

Jessica: I think it's super hot that people want to get together and have this real life fantasy, it’s a huge turn on.

Is there a fantasy you want to have with a client?

A fantasy with a client. I had gone to Berlin with someone and it wasn't quite the right time for all the sex clubs and everything. I think that going back and knowing what to expect out there would be a lot of fun.

King: Okay.

Jessica: God. Personal fantasy with a client. I just don't know. I have not put any thought into that, so I can't improv that for you.

King: It's fine. It's fine. I rather you didn’t.

Is there an expiration date for you providing?

To be determined. I mean, it’s so hard to predict what the future is gonna be like. Right?

King: Right. You have no idea.

Jessica: I am a hopeless romantic. I feel like that's oftentimes why I'll end up disappearing, because I get my blinders. But, who knows? My life keeps on bringing me back here. I thoroughly enjoy it.

King: So, get to you while you can.

Jessica: Yeah.

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