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FtX3eIlaUAIeKxL.jpgWhat was it that lead you to joining the porn industry?

I was a nude model the year leading up to joining the adult film industry. I did fine art and fetish nude shoots before I was scouted on Model Mayhem by a porn agent in January 2016. I had done one scene a few months prior for Exploited College Girls, which I found on Craigslist.

What was it like to go from model to pornstar?

When I was scouted in 2016, I had no reservations about becoming a porn actress. It seemed like it was meant to happen! I had been doing fetishy stuff as a model and grew up dancing/performing for crowds so it felt very natural to me to become an adult performer!

When you came to the states to shoot for all the big companies, was any of it a surprise given you’re originally from Canada? Like, was there things you don’t do in Canada that we doin in the states?

I moved to the states as a kid so I had already been living here for 10 years before I entered the porn industry. I’ve actually never worked as a model or actress in Canada so I don’t know what the industry is like back home. I do know that there isn’t much of a mainstream adult industry there compared to here in the states.

You’re extremely diverse when it comes to who you shoot with. You shot with men, women, TSs, it doesn’t see you preferably have a preference. What’s it like being so open about your sexual identity?

I love being able to explore all the facets of my sexuality in the safe space I’ve found in the industry. I’m not a person who seeks casual sex because of all the confusion that can come from it so I love the very large box that is placed around the sexual encounters I have for work!

I saw somewhere you think of yourself as more of an introvert. How does that mesh with being a pornstar?

As I said earlier, I grew up dancing so I am used to putting on a show for others which helps a lot in porn. When I know what’s expected of me, as in: this is the character I’m playing and these are the marks we need you to hit, it’s much easier to not feel nervous or shy.
And in turn, porn has helped me come out of my shell in social situations in my personal life!

The shaved head. To me that was your trademark your fans loved it and I loved it so much for some reason. What made you come into the industry with suck a unique look?

I shaved my head a couple months before I started modeling - it was just something I really wanted to do! It definitely wasn’t a career move or anything. I didn’t have plans to model or anything at the time, I just wanted to try the haircut and I ended up loving it so much! I didn’t start bleaching it blonde until a few months into porn and kept with it until October 2020 when I decided to let it grow again.

What made you keep it long and not keeping shaving?

It just felt like a good time to grow it back. I wasn’t on set anymore as I switched to fully online during Covid. I knew I was going to hate the way it looked for the first few months which kept me from growing it out sooner.


Who came first the pornstar or the provider?

I suppose the provider came first but I had very few private encounters prior to porn. They both came very naturally to me though!

What’s your favorite sex position?

My absolute favorite position is lazy doggy! Laying flat on my stomach and getting fucked from behind is HEAVEN. I think because it hits my g-spot so perfect and feels more “grindy” than “pokey”… if that makes sense!

What’s one of your biggest turn offs in a client?

My biggest client turn offs would have to be Bad breath and someone being overly cocky/macho or wanting to fuck IMMEDIATELY only 1 second in - let’s chat and flirt and flow! It will be worth the minor wait, I promise.

I’ve seen some of your hardcore scenes and they’re amazing. Do you bring any of that to your sessions?

Yes absolutely, if that’s what someone desires! I love making fantasies come true. I also really enjoy a more girlfriend like experience too… I love to make love and have pillow talk afterwards

Do you have a fetish you’re willingly to act out with a client?

I would love to get more into femdomming. I’m still sweet when I’m domming, but I do like to give some tough love.

What’s that one sexual act that keeps the clients repeating?

I would have to say my oral skills! They’re pretty top notch, if I do say so myself. That coupled with my green blowjob eyes and sweet disposition keeps them wanting more.

I hear you have a tour coming up in New York. Do you have any high expectations?

FD15AE69-402A-4A4A-B519-074EA4BE6C92.jpgYes! I’m beyond excited to be back in NYC again! I love the city so much. I expect to meet some exceptional gentlemen and to form some really genuine connections. I also want to wined and dined. It’s the way to my heart

Who’s that prime duos partner you’d love to share a client with?

I can’t share her name but she’s someone I adore and love taking turns on gents with her. She’s an absolute dream!

Is there an expiration date on your providing?

Not at the moment, no! I suppose life could change at any moment but I feel like it’s something I will always come back to

What would be the best way to reach you?

The only way to book me is through
All of my social links, including OnlyFans are at:

OnlyFans is the only place I answer DM’s but remember, there can be no talk of real life meetings on O.F! I also have a lot of exclusive content coming out on Onlyfans every week so come take a peek! xoxo nix
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