Just Another Day in Canada, I Guess


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This morning, I woke up to something that really unsettled me and left me feeling incredibly frustrated. A provider, whom I won't name, essentially condemned my entire race based on the actions of one individual, and I felt an overwhelming urge to punch my screen.

Before I delve into dissecting this tweet, I want to make something clear: I don't condone any of the client's actions, and I genuinely hope they face consequences for what they've done to this provider. I'm sharing this to offer insight to fellow providers facing similar situations and to help clients understand that regardless of race, this hobby should be respected and cherished for the gift it truly is.

With that said, I'm struggling to comprehend the thought process behind this provider's actions. From her story, it seems the man arrived wearing a ski mask and with fake money, and they both proceeded to take an Uber to the bank to validate the suspected counterfeit money. Frankly, this, among other details, left me very confused.

While I understand that this woman likely experienced a traumatic ordeal, and her emotional response may be justified, it's disheartening to witness such hate of an entire race due to the actions of one individual.

I acknowledge that my race faces discrimination within this hobby, and I won't deny that some situations involve individuals from our community. However, I hate seeing posts like these. It's difficult not to wonder if the narrative would have been different if the perpetrator were a white man. Would she have written "no more white guys"?

I hesitate to comment further on this situation because I lack crucial information. I don't know about this provider's experiences with individuals AA, her feelings in this particular scenario, or her screening process. What I do know is that I'm tired of being looked down upon in a hobby that I love.

I apologize for this early morning post. I understand that race doesn't need a place in out hobby.