Jenni Tay & J Rose Offering Another Duos


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Raleigh is about to get some love they don't usually get, so they should enjoy it while it's in the area. J Rose and Jenni Tay will be offering duos in Raleigh from the 3rd of May to the 5th. It's no surprise Jenni Tay is in the area; she is constantly touring the country and if not alone with her wife Sara St Clair. J Rose is getting back on tour after a short hiatus. I've heard the reviews are on J Rose aren't the best and this is from multiple sources. Even with the not so good reviews on J Rose a duos with Jenni Tay would make up for that in kind. Other than the fact you'll have two beautiful women for a certain amount of time you'll also have Jenni, an experience duos partner who prides herself in threesomes.

Twitter: @Tay_Jenni
Twitter: @J_Rose1408