Bre Lovely & Natalie Springs Los Angeles Duo


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Bre Babii is back at it again with another duos tour happening as we speak. If you remember, her last duo tour was with Ashley Moss back in March, gracing up and down the northeast coast. Now, Bre is headed west, booking fun with her new Duo partner Natalie Springs.

Natalie isn't insanely well-known, but I can tell when a provider is making major moves in their career. Natalie is based out in San Antonio where the providers are pretty slim out there. You find Natalie is the type of provider who's constantly touring, and while she's doing so, you can see she's collaborating with some big names in the industry. She's been seen in scenes with Queen Rogue, Kendra Fox, Virgo Peridot, all names known in the industry for their work on and off-screen.

Natalie has the BBW frame that is just what the doctor ordered. She's both tall and thick in all the right places, with a chest you can sleep on and enjoy until the sun comes up. Also, if you've seen the way she gives a BJ on her Onlyfans, then you'd book a solo just for fun.

Bre, as always, is a breath of fresh air. Her body is one of the most underrated bodies in the hobby. A perfect hourglass frame with every inch of her as if sculpted by an artist themselves. Like Natalie, Bre is constantly on the move, touring from city to city. You wouldn't know it by looking at her, but Bre is a very fetish-friendly provider specializing in things you really wouldn't expect.

For more on Bre, be sure to check out this post.

At this moment, both women are in Los Angeles offering duos until the 17th of May. Booking both women should be affordable seeing how each one has amazing rates, so you should be around the $3,000 mark. The best way to contact these women is through email, which you can find both on the EA-List.

If you've seen Natalie or Bre, be sure to drop a review so we know what to expect. Have fun, Pervs!

X: @NataliaSprings