Alexis Tae B/Gs no More


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This post might seem a little scattered, but stick with me—it all ties together. Alexis Tae hasn't been at the forefront of our minds lately, not because she isn't exceptional (she absolutely is), but because she's been focused on her own path.

Earlier today, Alexis announced that she's no longer shooting Boy/Girl scenes. Naturally, this leaves hobbyists wondering about the direction of her career as a provider moving forward. Then it struck me—Alexis, from what I've observed, hasn't been actively providing for quite some time. Checking PC where Alexis was originally listed, she's no longer on the roster. This explains why some of us haven't seen her around lately.

It's clear that Alexis has been prioritizing her career as an adult actress, possibly leaving providing behind. She's been collaborating with famous directors, working with various content creators, and is scheduled to appear at Ricky's Room alongside other stars at XBIZ Miami. Still, one can't help but wonder what else she'll be doing with her time now that she's no longer shooting Boy/Girl scenes. In reality, there are numerous avenues she could explore, but here's hoping she makes a return to providing at some point.

If Alexis does decide to come back, you can find some of the information you need here.

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