sarah jessie

  1. martymcfly1955

    Sarah Jessie coming to NY

    Sarah Jessie is coming to NYC but don’t know if she’s escorting while here. Didn’t see her in any of the tour schedule this week or month. Is anyone booking?
  2. king-sama4u2nv

    Pornstar Escort of the Week: Sarah Jessie

    Sarah Jessie's debut in 2007 was a bit of a surprise, seemingly coming out of nowhere. Prior to her successful career as an actress, Sarah, like many in the adult industry, started as a stripper. What sets her apart is her extensive travel history; born in Detroit, she lived in various places...
  3. Sexaddict

    Sarah Jessie

    Sarah Jessie is in LA right now and is open to do outcalls. Her rate is $1500 an hour, Book Her