richelle ryan

  1. D

    Richelle Ryan in Chicago

    I booked Richelle for a hour in a few days. I was hoping someone experienced with Richelle can give me some better details on the whole experience. I am seeing some mixed things regarding her. Such as no FK or DFK or MSOG. Does anyone know if this is true? Also if this is true do you still think...
  2. king-sama4u2nv

    Richelle Ryan Visiting DC

    For all the Richelle Ryan lovers out there prepare to be instantly happy. Richelle Ryan is going to be in DC August 15th thru to the 18th and if yo haven't booked by now you might be out of luck. It's very rare to catch Richelle outside of Las Vegas since she only tours a couple times a year...
  3. R

    Richelle Ryan Review

    Apologies for the timing on this as this should have been up. I had booked RR through Perfection Models during her NYC trip and was quoted the 2,200 for the HR. Slightly steep, but not knowing when she’d stop or when she’d be back in NYC - I had to take the dive. Booking through PM wasn’t as...
  4. martymcfly1955

    Richelle Ryan in Tennessee

    This cougar is heading over to Tennessee guys. Ryan is gonna be there 6/23-6/24. I think Ryan and a handful of other escorts only visit there so often.
  5. martymcfly1955

    Richelle Ryan in New York

    Richelle Ryan is gonna be in New York next month and I think I’m going to book. I’m not into milfs just always wanted to see her big ass in person. Does anyone know how to her without dealing with PM? I really don’t want to deal with that guy.
  6. martymcfly1955

    Richelle Ryan in Nashville

    Nashville is getting all the hot girls. Richelle is gonna be there dancing at Deja Vu 5/11-5/13. I heard some where her price is over 2K not for me with that amount of money.
  7. martymcfly1955

    Richelle Ryan in Houston

    Richelle Ryan is gonna be in Houston soon guys, like in a couple days soon.