1. Sexaddict

    ADDICTED to recording my sessions

    I´ve become ADDICTED to recording my session. I´ve always booked girls regardless of if they offered recording or not, but all that changed last June. Last June I visited my first pornstar in Denmark, Deity Bastet, which was the first session ever in which I got to record it. That was only the...
  2. Sexaddict

    Nothing compares to watching your own porn..

    I’ve recorded some homemade porn videos with escorts and they just blow me away each time! Watching your own porn is better than any brazzers, naughty America or any other Professional scene. Those of you that have already done it knows What I’m talking about, and for the rest of you… GET TO...
  3. Sexaddict

    Recording & watching your own amateur porn is GREAT!

    Over the last 4 weeks I visited this amazing pornstar, three different times and recorded it every time. My biggest dream was to facefuck a ps, and now I´ve done that. After the last time, I went home, took the footage (50 minutes in total), and cut it down to 15 minutes. I enjoy it more than...