1. king-sama4u2nv

    What is Elysium?

    Elysium was brought to my attention today, and it's been perplexing me a bit. I don't know whether it's new or old. It seems to be a form of sex that isn't entirely unheard of but has recently been given a name to categorize certain sex acts. It's usually associated with bondage, which is...
  2. Sexaddict

    Had my first Thai massage session..

    I had never tried a thai massage with a happy ending before but i tried it last night. The girl im question was of course from Thailand and she had an extra on her menu, “megafrench ending”, so i got that. OH MAN!! Once could get addicted to this. It’s a fraction of the price of actual...
  3. Administrator

    Massage Providers experiences

    Anybody got any good stories on massage providers that you may have seen in the past? Share those happy ending tales :)