lolly dames

  1. trystagency

    MILF Lovers rejoice Lolly Dames is shaking things up again

    Often my texts in the morning over coffee are from Clients asking who is in town or whos open to a FMTY..RARELY is from a model telling me to YET AGAIN make her rates lower so she can fuck her fans. This Morning that's just what Happened. Coffee being sipped...text from Lolly...Spit out coffee...
  2. trystagency

    MILF Lolly Dames special offer

    Ok so Lolly Dames is a banging hot MILF in the Miami area. Today she tells me she wants to give her fans a deal. So here you go.... We here at Tryst get asked a lot of different questions from men that want to see the ladies we represent. Do the ladies take pictures and video, Do they do Anal...
  3. Sexaddict

    Lolly Dames is in LA

    Lolly Dames is currently in LA! This blonde bombshell is waiting ;) Book Her