kali kay

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    Elite Companions to Experience

    Nicole Love Chicago 1/12-1/13 NYC 1/14-1/18 Boston 1/19-1/21 Tyson’s Corner 1/22-1/24 Charlotte 1/25-1/27 Miami 1/28-2/1 X: @LoveNicoleVIP Ava Starr Charleston, WV NOW ONE DAY Charlotte, NC 1/12-1/14 Columbia, SC 1/14-1/16 Savannah, GA 1/16-1/18 Atlanta 1/18 ONE DAY Kansas City 1/23-1/25...
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    Member Provider Recommendations: Kali Kay

    Kali Kay came up in a spotlight last year, but with our giant update information was lost. Recently a member came to me wanting to give her a little more love on the forum and to recommend her to the rest of us. We all know, if a member is recommending a provider then they're worth booking...
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    Elite Companions to Experience on Tour

    GiGI DiMarco New York 7/24-7/27 Albany, NY 7/27-7/29 San Jose 8/1st-8/3 San Francisco 8/3-8/4 Twitter: @ILuv_GIGI2 Ellie Alexandra Kansas City 8/1 Des Moines 8/2-8/4 Kansas City 8/5-8/8 Albuquerque, MX 8/9-8/11 Madison 8/16-8/18 Nashville 8/23-8/25 Philadelphia 8/29-8/31 Twitter...
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    Kali Kay Offering Duos with Kathrine Taylor

    It's fucking early in the morning, and damn, it's already shaping up to be a killer day, especially if you're in San Francisco. Well, hold on tight because I've got some exciting news for you. Today, and I mean just for today, the fabulous duo of Kali Kay and her girlfriend Katherine Taylor will...
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    Elite Companions to Experience on Tour

    Alyssa Arya Hartford, CT 5/19-21 | Providence, RI 5/21-22 | Boston 5/22-26 | Pittsburg 5/26 | Columbus/Cincinnati 5/26-27 | Chicago 5/29-6/4 Twitter: @LyssaPenthouse Kiyera Amour Milwaukee 6/4 - 6/5 | Madison, WI 6/5 - 6/7 | Green Bay 6/7 - 6/10 | Buffalo, NY 6/11 - 6/14...