jasmine jae

  1. Sexaddict

    What PS escort do you miss?

    I was with Jasmine Jae back in 2016 and I really do miss her. I really want her to come back to providing. I highly doubt that she ever will though, even though the possibility is still there. Another girl I miss is Deity Bastet whom I visited around 3-4 times. Sadly, she´s taking a break from...
  2. Sexaddict

    Best silicone tits in the escort game?

    Mine is without a doubt Nova Nice! When i was with her she was at 3000 ccs! However i also tried Danielle Derek, but i still prefer Nova even though Danielle is Wild too. If i had to rank: 1. Nova Nice 2. Danielle Derek 3. Jasmine Jae