hailey rose

  1. trystagency

    Hailey Rose in NYC

    Putting this out here in the Universe was chatting with Hailey Rose about doing her first ever tour and she is thinking about NYC in Aug and she is wondering if people would really want to see her she did not really think anyone would I told her that i would put this feeler out and show her...
  2. trystagency

    Hailey Rose European Tour

    Well you guys have been asking about stars heading to Europe so here is your chance The busty Hailey Rose will be making her first trip across the pond and its not something you want to miss NottingHam England: September 1-4th London England: September 5-9th Amsterdam: September 10-15th
  3. king-sama4u2nv

    Hailey Rose 3 Week Miami Tour

    Not all heroes wear keeps, just like all pornstars need to shoot professionally. That's where the sexy Hailey Rose comes in. Hailey Rose is without a doubt a professional pornstar with a couple of shots under belt, but not enough for some people to classify her as a pornstar. Like most pornstars...