gizel james

  1. king-sama4u2nv

    Elite Companions to Experience on Tour

    Marcella Maybach CANADA Toronto NOW-12/9 Brossard 12/11-12/20 Ottawa 12/21-12/22 X: @MarcellaMaybach Julie Nicole Denver 12/7-12/9 New York 12/10-12/12 Raleigh 12/13-12/14 San Diego 12/18-12/20 Los Angeles 12/21-12/22 Las Vegas 12/23-1/4 X: @LoveNicoleVIP Gizel James Miami...
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    Elite Companions to Experience on Tour

    Jaylin Rose Philadelphia NOW-9/30 Boston 10/1-10/4 New York 10/5-10/9 DC 10/13-10/15 Huntsville, AL 10/20 ONE DAY Houston 10/21-10/27 Las Vegas 11/14-11/21 X: @HolaJRose Wrenly Scott Tampa 10/5-10/9 New Jersey 10/12-10/15 New York 10/17-10/20 DC 10/23-10/27 X: @WrenlyScott Mya Marie...
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    This is Who's in Your City: Gizel James

    I don't know what it is, but I've been on a bit of a chocolate phase. Maybe it's the reappearance of Bunz4Ever being back in the hobby or my lack of seeing AA providers in the last couple if months, either way Gizel most defiantly gets me in the mood to enjoy a black queen. Gizel is based out in...