gigi lenoir

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    Elite Companions to Experience on Tour 2024

    Gigi Lenoir Harrisburg 7/7-7/9 Baltimore 7/9-7/11 Richmond 7/11-7/13 @MsGigiLenoir Paris LeMoi Houston 7/15-7/19 Chicago 7/22-7/26 @ParisLemoi Gizel James Miami NOW-7/8 Houston 7/12-7/14 Orlando 7/17-7/19 Chicago 7/23-7/25 @GizelJamess Alexandria Lowe DC 8/18-8/19 Philadelphia...
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    Elite Companions to Experience on Tour

    Kate Join Nashville NOW ONE DAY Atlanta 1/19-1/20 Chicago 1/21-1/22 Milwaukee 1/23 ONE DAY Minneapolis 1/24 ONE DAY X: @Miss_KateJoin Gigi Lenoir Las Vegas NOW-1/21 Miami 1/25-1/31 Dallas 2/4-2/6 Nashville 2/18-2/21 Baltimore 2/22-2/24 DC 2/25-2/28 Kansas City 2/25-2/28 St Louis 3/1-3/3...
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    Jenni Tay and Gigi Lenoir Offering Duos

    Jenni Tay is bringing some serious heat to Arizona, and she's got a partner in crime this time. From July 12th to the 15th, you can catch Jenni Tay in Scottsdale offering duos with her new BFF, Gigi Lenoir. Now, I'm sure most of you are familiar with Jenni, but in case you're not, check out the...