1. S

    Sonic Foster Miami

    Does anyone have any intel on Sonic Foster? I’ll attach twitter and insta handles below. She has an onlyfans and is definitely in the bimbo category. Wondering if anyone has experienced or reached out. Would love to be suffocated by those bolt ons. X- @sonic_foster
  2. Sexaddict

    Favorite all time escort with fake tits?

    The obvious answer would of course be Danielle Derek, and while she is fantastic, I have to give it to Jasmine Jae. What a girl! I´ve tried both in real life. Who is your favorite (pornstar or non ps) escort with fake tits?
  3. Sexaddict

    Nova Nice - Back in the 3000 ccs club!

    After only a year Nova is already at the 3000 ccs Mark! Well done, Nova! Can’t wait to see her in Copenhagen, Denmark in June.
  4. Sexaddict

    Nova Nice Tour In Antwerpen

    Nova Nice is going to be in Antwerpen this month, from the 20/4-26/4. Catch her while you Can! (She’s indeed worth it). You either book her on the local escort forum that she uses which depends on the country, book her on telegram (@novanice), or reach her via email: [email protected]