alexis tae

  1. king-sama4u2nv

    Alexis Tae B/Gs no More

    This post might seem a little scattered, but stick with me—it all ties together. Alexis Tae hasn't been at the forefront of our minds lately, not because she isn't exceptional (she absolutely is), but because she's been focused on her own path. Earlier today, Alexis announced that she's no...
  2. king-sama4u2nv

    Pornstar Escort of the Week: Alexis Tae

    Among all the stars who entered the industry before COVID, Alexis Tae stands out as the one who made the biggest impact. Typically, actresses take some time to find their niche and establish the scenes they'll be known for in the years to come. However, Alexis entered the industry with a solid...